Club Library

Border Bushwalking Club Library

At the next club night (held on the first Tuesday of the month) take the time to browse through our range of books, newsletters and magazines.

Do you have a suggestion of a book that you would like to read, it may be just the book we need for our library? If so, contact us with your suggestion. The following are just some of the resources in the library.

  • 120 Walks in Victoria Thomas. Tyrone 3rd ed 1989 THO 2
  • 40 + Bicycle Rides around Canberra &Southern NSW BIC 1
  • Adventure Gear Guide ADV
  • Alpine Track, The. Walhalla To Canberra Siseman. John. Track Guide SIS 6
  • Alpine Track, The. Walhalla To Mt.Bogong Siseman. John. Track Guide SIS
  • Alps in Flower. The McCann. R. Field Guide MCC 1
  • Australian Bicycle Book Harland John. HAR 1
  • Australian Eucalyptus Baglin. Douglas BAG 1
  • Australian Marsupials Davey. Keith. DAV 1
  • Australian Reptiles Parks guide to snakes of Sth.East Australia. Weigel. John (Aust. Reptile Park 1990 Gosford). WEI 1
  • Australian Wilderness Skills Rankin. Robert. RAN-1
  • Australian Wildlife Pictorial Encyclopedia Frauce, Harry and Claudy. FRA
  • Beyond the Snow Gums NSW Parks and Wildlife Service A guide to the flora and fauna of the Snowy Mts. NEW
  • Bicycle Eco Tours of NE Victoria Hull, Stephen HUL 3
  • Bicycle Tours of S.E. Australia Thorn. Julia THO 1
  • Blue Mountains Canyons Noble. David NOB 1.
  • Bogong National Park Siseman, John SIS 5.
  • Bogong National Park Siseman. John. Walk/Ski guide. SIS 4.
  • Branch Line, The Holmes. Lloyd A History of the Wodonga & Cudgewa railway HOL 3.
  • Bushwalkers Diary Powell. Greg The Snowy Mountains POW 1.
  • Bushwalking Halls. F W A pocket guide HAL 5.
  • Bushwalking &Mountain Leadership Victorian Bushwalking & Mountain Leadership Training Advisory Board 2nd ed 1986 VIC 6
  • Bushwalking In Australia Chapman. J &M CHA 1.
  • Bushwalking In Kosciusko National Park Warner. Charles WAR 1.
  • Camping & Bushwalking in Northern Kosciusko NP Hill, Harry HIL 2.
  • Canoeing – The Basic Skills Victoria College Video VIC-1.
  • Canoeing for Beginners Ferguson. Stuart Two copies FER 1.
  • Cattlemen &Huts of the High Country Stephenson, Harry STE 1.
  • Cattlemen of the High Country Barnaby. Jane BAR 1.
  • Challenge of the High Country Holth. T &J HOL 2.
  • Classic Blue Mountain Walks Noble. D NOB 2.