Becoming a Leader

Mentors for new leaders

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New leaders can benefit from the help of mentors who will help in trip preparation and guidance on the day

Our club is lucky that we have experienced people to draw on.

Mentors can provide local knowledge that you may not have, act as the whip and generally assist with the overall conduct of the activity. You can contact anyone on the list below, or ask the Walks Coordinator to suggest someone.

Another approach is to begin by co-leading. One person does the administrative work, (booking people in, etc) and the other provides the actual knowledge about the walk.

Here is a list of those who have volunteered to be mentors.

Name Home Phone Type of activities
Bruce Key 6024 3986 Anything including navigation
Chris Sobey 6041 5460 Overnight walks and day walks
Cindy Marsh 6059 7618 Easy walks
David Bradshaw 6043 1550 Anything including navigation
Dick Wellard 6027 1622 Anything including navigation
Eileen Clark 6025 3292 Buffalo and High Plains
Liz Hammond 6040 1233 Bike trips, day walks
Marie Maguire 6025 1323 XC Skiing/Snow camping
Paul Schirmer 6026 7358 Anything including navigation
Pauline McLaughlin 6021 3767 Easy/Medium on track walks
Rick Pickering 6035 0565 Medium/Hard walks
Ron Hammond 6040 1233 Overnight walks, day walks, bike trips
Warwick McLachlan 6025 1323 Medium/hard walks. Overnight walks.